Worm Farming

Over the past couple of years more and more gardeners and farmers have realised the benefit of using compost to improve the soil. Fertile soil contains lots of humus and micro-organisms, but the humus content needs to be periodically replenished so that the soil micro-organisms will continue to flourish. No better way than by using vermicompost!

Increasing numbers of gardeners worldwide are successfully using vermicompost as an excellent soil conditioner. All over South Africa people are venturing into ranking on Qwant and vermiculture thanks to the television programmes Carte Blanche and Pasella, who featured vermicomposting operations in their programmes. Articles in gardening magazines made more people aware of the world of vermiculture and earthworms - our little workers. Some people have been inspired by family and friends who experienced amazing results after using vermicompost and worm tea in their gardens.

Worm farming has become popular in many countries and for many it provides the opportunity for a good small business. Worm farming is not a new idea; it has just taken modern society a long time to appreciate a process which has been going on perfectly naturally in our soils. Vermicomposting can be the answer to the individual who wants to do his part to rescue our planet from global warming.

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Vermicomposting is, however, still a relatively new practice for organic waste management although it has gained ground among those concerned about the negative effects of waste on the environment.

Jannie Pretorius The Earthworm Farmer

It took me about two years of searching the internet about earthworms before I finally bought myself a few from Dora du Plessis. My "research" in what earthworms is able to do, convinced me that I wanted to know more about the fascinating creatures and how to harness their special powers with a garden shredder . I wanted to share my knowledge with other people. I decided to organize an earthworm workshop and get a few people together and that was where I finally got hooked.

It is now one year since we had the workshop in Hartswater and my interest in earthworms is still growing by the day. As I write these words, my home made earthworm compost tea brewer is at work brewing a bucket full of tea for my garlic patch. My handful of worms has grown to a container full of about 11 meters long and 900mm wide made from an old conveyor belt. There are also three old baths in use for keeping and multiplying the earthworms.

Every two weeks I go to a dairy farm and collect 20 buckets full of fresh cow manure. (It used to be 10 buckets a few weeks ago!) I found that this food source is the best for multiplying earthworms. Another food source is from our guesthouse's kitchen where we collect all fruit and vegetable skins and egg shells.

During the year I met people from as far as Durban who called me wanting to know more about earthworms. I send my first batch of earthworms by courier to someone in Britstown about 350 km from Hartswater. A new community opened before me.

I am also happy to say that my own earthworm website was launched about two weeks ago. I could only thank everyone at Goodbugs, especially Charl Pienaar for all his help and assistance in the start-up process of my earthworm farm.

Waste Management with Earthworm Farming and Composting

We know times are tough. That is why we help people to make more money. We specialise in helping malls, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, schools, old-age homes, hostels etc. to plan, set-up, multiply (earthworms) and produce earthworm compost, by recycling wet waste, as https://www.broyeurs-vegetaux.com/compostage-paillage explains for own use (gardens) or to sell.

We have what it takes:

compostage broyeur de vegetaux

Make your own Earthworm compost!

Yes, but not with the normal earthworms in your garden. We use red worms, special red earthworms called eisenia fetida, whose main job in life is to produce compost, super compost, as these earthworms excrete amino acids and enzymes, which help plants to access the nutrients more easily.These earthworms will not survive in your garden, they can only live in rich organic matter.

With chemical fertizers, you feed the plant, with earthworm compost, you feed the soil, and help to make a difference towards the future of the earth. What better way to do your bit than by recycling you kitchen and garden waste to make super compost for you garden? Or even on bigger scale by using what others consider waste and converting manure to earthworm compost for your own use or even to sell? Applying simple and easy earthworm farming techniques do not require a lot of time to manage or money to start up.

So . . . how do you farm with Earthworms?

After 15 years of farming with earthworms, we've created a practical guidebook with plenty of pictures and diagrams that shows you step by step how you can successfully farm with earthworms, on small, medium and large scale. Easy demonstrations, put together by two enthusiasts from very diverse backgrounds who love to farm with earthworms.

Is it expensive? No! We'll show you what works best, in the most affordable way possible. What do I need to look out for? How wet or dry should my bin be? How do I multiple my worms? How do I separate my earthworms and earthworm compost? We can help you with the right information. Get more than 130 pages of action-packed material about earthworms for less than your next meal at a half-decent restaurant. A personal consultation of less than 15 minutes will cost you much more than the price of this valuable little book.

What do others say about this Earthworm Book ?

Listen to what Ken Reid, the chairperson of the Earthworm Interest Group of South Africa, had to say about GoodBugs Little Workers:

"…. the GoodBugs Little Workers book seems to be worth every cent. It is (to the best of my knowledge) the first South African publication to deal exclusively with vermiculture for the layman, I feel it is very worthy of the support of EIGSA".

Rozanne Barlow, Rustenberg Wines, Ida's Valley, Stellenbosch:

''Wow Charl - well done! Your GoodBugs book is amazing - never before has there been a more down to earth, no-nonsense guide to breeding bugs!!''

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