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Vermiculture Worm Farming


Over the past couple of years more and more gardeners and farmers have realised the benefit of using compost to improve the soil.
Fertile soil contains lots of humus and micro-organisms, but the humus content needs to be periodically replenished so that the soil micro-organisms will continue to flourish. No better way than by using vermicompost!

Increasing numbers of gardeners worldwide are successfully using vermicompost as an excellent soil conditioner. All over South Africa people are venturing into “worm farming” and vermiculture thanks to the television programmes Carte Blanche and Pasella, who featured vermicomposting operations in their programmes. Articles in gardening magazines made more people aware of the world of vermiculture and earthworms – our little workers. Some people have been inspired by family and friends who experienced amazing results after using vermicompost and worm tea in their gardens.

worm farming

Worm farming has become popular in many countries and for many it provides the opportunity for a good small business. Worm farming is not a new idea; it has just taken modern society a long time to appreciate a process which has been going on perfectly naturally in our soils. Vermicomposting can be the answer to the individual who wants to do his part to rescue our planet from global warming.


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