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Commercial Wormfarming Projects

We have been involved with various commercial projects over the last few years that include training and installations in some cases, here’s some of the most recent ones:

Spier Biodynamic Farm (Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa)

farmer image

Spier Biodynamic Farm, Stellenbosch: a turnaround strategy for the Spier earthworm composting operations is being implimented, involving new facilities for earthworm multiplication (tyre stacks), earthworm composting (temporary plastic dams) and in-field earthworm compost application (compost slurry prepared in a seperation machine).

Helderberg Society for the Aged (Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa)

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Helderberg Society for the Aged, Somerset West: a large-scale vermicomposting operation was installed at Silver Oaks Lodge in Somerset West to recycle organic waste from the kitchens of various old age homes.

Delaire Graff Estate (Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa)

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This signature wine farm on Helshoogte Pass installed a large-scale vermicomposting system, as well as biodynamic flow forms to prepare vermicompost for application through drip irrigation. As Casper Geldenhuys, the estate manager, recently commented: “We don’t use any more chemical fertilzer for the large estate gardens and the fresh food gardens for the hotel and restaurants!”

Laborance Farm (Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa)


This large export grape farm in the JD Kirsten Group recently won an international competition and award for environmentally- friendly on-farm recycling operations, including earthworm multiplication, earthworm composting and conventional composting operations. GoodBugs is privileged to have contributed to the winning of this award.